What Are Some Chew Alternatives?

cbd dip tobacco alternatives

Anyone who dips already knows the hazards with using these tobacco products, but did you know there’s a new way to dip that may be healthier and can help you quit? The Chill Way has CBD Pouch dips that are made for those who want to start on the path to becoming nicotine-free and eliminating their dependency and addiction to such products.

Why Make a Switch?

The obvious reason to switch from traditional tobacco and nicotine dips is for health reasons. Everyone knows they’re unhealthy and can cause forms of cancer within your body, as well as major dental complications that can be costly. CBD dips are chemical free, THC free, nicotine and tobacco free, so you’re not adding harsh chemicals to your body. Some other reasons might surprise you though. 

The smell from a spit bottle is not the greatest and can be upsetting to others around you- especially those with weak stomachs. With The Chill Way’s CBD dip pouches there’s no longer a need to spit, thus eliminating the need for a spit cup or bottle completely, as it’s 100% safe to consume and won’t cause an upset stomach.

Roll of 5 cans of CBD chew pouches

A roll of CBD Cool Mint pouches

Another reason is that when you use tobacco products, it will cause you to have a slight odor to your breath, and it can be really bad even if you brush your teeth or eat mints all the time. CBD dip pouches are flavored and smell really good, and leave your breath smelling better too. No more bad tobacco smells stuck to your breath.

CBD Alternatives

The Chill way has CBD alternatives of pouch dips that exclude all the unnecessary chemicals and additives that are not healthy for you in least. CBD chews and dips are increasing in popularity due to the multiple benefits you reap from CBD itself, as well as the other natural herbs that are used to replace tobacco and nicotine. 

Other Alternatives

You can get chews and dips that are tobacco-free, nicotine-free, made from 100% natural  CBD, and other natural ingredients to add flavor and variety to your dip and chew experience. You can even find pouches that are full of caffeine if you need a late night boost to get through a long shift at work without carrying a cup of coffee around with you.

Not every chew and dip alternative is the same, or is guaranteed to be better than traditional tobacco and nicotine chews and dips. Everything depends on the quality of ingredients, the process and how you store it once it’s in your possession. Trying different varieties with specific ingredients can help you find the best brand and alternative for you.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please take the time to research and educate yourself about the risks of using CBD, Hemp and Herbs before consuming.