Unique Holiday Gifts Ideas 

unique holiday gift ideas cbd

Holiday shopping can be tedious, especially if you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t want much. But if your special someone is a smoker or uses chewing tobacco, and you know they’ve been trying to quit, then give the gift of help this year to make that long postponed resolution a reality with them.

Tobacco Smoking Alternatives

unique holiday gift ideas cbdEveryone knows smoking can lead to some serious health conditions for yourself or the health of your loved ones. If you or your loved ones want to begin with smaller steps, using an alternative smoking product is a great place to begin. Since the hands and mouth are used to having lots of activity, it’s only best to try a product that still simulates the motions, but not the ingestion of nicotine and tobacco which fuels the addiction. 

Lately Vapor boxes and e-cigs have emerged and flooded the market with their variety of flavors, and adjustable nicotine levels. Even nicotine gums have had minimal success in reducing nicotine consumption and addiction. While these are not entirely suitable or reliable for reducing tobacco and nicotine ingestion for everyone, some folks have had success with those methods.

Another method is to replace tobacco and nicotine with more relaxing, less addictive alternatives like The Chill Way’s CBD smokes and chews. They’re THC and nicotine free smokes promote calm and relaxation, without the psychoactive side effects that THC has on the brain and body. They’re made with 100% natural and organic herbs like peppermint, and lavender flowers and no added preservatives or fillers. They also have some select flavors to keep things interesting as your loved one transitions.

Dip/Chewing Tobacco Alternatives

Dip is not one of the most pleasant or appealing ways to get a nicotine fix, and it’s very messy on top of it all. You constantly have to spit excess saliva or pieces of chewing tobacco from your mouth, which means hauling around an empty soda bottle to spit into if out in public. Let’s not even start to go over the nauseous odors that come from those spit bottles.

Chewing tobacco and dip has just as many negative effects on the body as smoking does. Neither are great for your health and are addicting to many. Chewing gums and nicotine-free dip pouches have had some success in reducing an individual’s draw to such things. Other methods like herbal remedies and supplements have naturally good benefits for the body as well as weaning someone off of other substances that are addictive.

Other Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to go a different route in helping loved ones to quit smoking or chewing, then gifting them with self-help books and working with them in a buddy system can be powerfully positive tools. If your loved one uses a vapor, then Chill CBD can be a great start in a new direction to being tobacco and nicotine free, and eventually vapor free as well. There’s many ways to support your loved-ones with gifts that enable them to lead healthier lifestyles.

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