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Tobacco & Nicotine Free

Roll of CBD Chew Pouches (5 cans) Fresh Peach

5 CANS INSTEAD OF 1 (Fresh Peach)

Grab your roll of CBD chew pouches for an incredible feeling.

  • Minimal, all natural ingredients for people that want a product they can trust.
  • Super convenient.  Spit cups are no longer needed.
  • Specific designed pouches for ease of use.
  • No more yellowish stains on your teeth.
  • Each Roll of CBD chew pouches contain 75 individual pouches.

Each can contains 15 individual pouches with 10mg of CBD Isolate totaling 150mg per can. Main ingredients: Proprietary coconut blend, Mint and CBD Isolate. 5 cans equals 1 log. Use 1 to 2 pouches at a time for 20 minutes.  Swoosh pouch around your mouth for a few seconds to refresh the flavor.

1 - 5
Excellent long lasting flavor

I can’t wait to try the new flavors! The Cool Mint pouches last me well over 2 hours at a time, and I really like the fact that they are made with high quality, sourced ingredients.

In Love!

Wow, I always wondered with the CBD industry trending up, if someone would make a product like this. This product is GREAT!. I am a very busy person with lots on my plate, this product keeps me relaxed and definitely helps curb anxiety. Can’t wait to try the new flavors!


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1 - 5
Chill to Quit Smoking

My co-workers and I have all quit smoking and chewing tobacco using these products. Feel that overwhelming anxiety from needing nicotine? Use these pouches and experience that overwhelming need melt away.


Product is awesome. Good solution to quit tobacco.

Quick, noticeable and discreet..

The effect is great, better than cbd oik as the MCT(coconut) oil usually upsets my stomach. Not these! Perfect! Would be great if more about health effects was known/listed. Anyways, pouches are great and are probably fine.