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Tobacco & Nicotine Free

CBD Chew Pouch Rich Vanilla

CBD Chew Pouch (Rich Vanilla)

Rich vanilla – taste bud thriller! A smokeless alternative dip. That’s what you can expect from our rich vanilla CBD chew pouches. It’s the modern-day smokeless tobacco alternative, with carefully sourced ingredients.

Whether you’re out with buddies, at the game, or in your man cave, our pocket-size pouches are compact and convenient for everyday use. Get your chew on!

Using all natural ingredients, the blend includes;  CBD isolate, with a rich vanilla kick. It’s also a modern-day smokeless tobacco alternative dip.

We recommend chewing/dipping one or two pouches at a time for twenty minutes. For a flavor refresh, simply swoosh the pouch around your mouth. Free of tobacco and nicotine, there are 15 pouches per pack, each pouch contains 10mg of CBD.

You’ll enjoy our CBD chew even more knowing you won’t have yellow stains from chewing.

  • Minimal, all natural ingredients for people that want a product they can trust.
  • Super convenient.  Spit cups are no longer needed.
  • Specific designed pouches for ease of use.
  • No more yellowish stains on your teeth.
  • THC Free
  • No Tobacco or Nicotine


Each can contains 15 individual pouches with 10mg of CBD Isolate totaling 150mg per can. Main ingredients: Proprietary coconut blend, Mint and CBD Isolate. Use 1 to 2 pouches at a time for 20 minutes.  Swoosh pouch around your mouth for a few seconds to refresh the flavor.

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Thank you!

I have been trying to quit tobacco and this is a great alternative.


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Chill to Quit Smoking

My co-workers and I have all quit smoking and chewing tobacco using these products. Feel that overwhelming anxiety from needing nicotine? Use these pouches and experience that overwhelming need melt away.


Product is awesome. Good solution to quit tobacco.

Quick, noticeable and discreet..

The effect is great, better than cbd oik as the MCT(coconut) oil usually upsets my stomach. Not these! Perfect! Would be great if more about health effects was known/listed. Anyways, pouches are great and are probably fine.

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