CBD Smokes – Multipack

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8 packs of 10 premium CBD smokes 

Looking to rid tobacco and experience CBD from unique hemp strains? Just chillin with your friends? Try our original blend. Make sure to have a pack of Mintz for your next epic adventure.  Stay calm and chill with a pack of Calm premium CBD smokes.

Made from the finest herbs; 100% USDA certified organic, biodynamic and fair trade. The blends are hand-crafted in a USDA certified organic facility in Southern California.

  • The 100% hemp paper allows for a chalk-free smoke setting us a-part from many brands.
  • Many of our ingredients are USDA certified organic and it’s important our fans have a brand they can trust when it comes to clean & sustainable products they consume.
  • Unique filter design for strong air-flow.
  • Third party tested for full transparency and trust.

Each pack contains 10 individual smokes. There are 8 packs per carton. Check our ingredient page for the types of herbs we use.  Each flavor has it’s own unique blend.


1 - 5
Great effects, tasty blend.

I love the cbd smokes! They are tasty (red raspberry really stands out). Only thing is, I wish we knew more about the effects on health. I doubt it is that bad, akin to smoking legal marijuana. However, it would be nice to confirm this information. Otherwise, very clear-headed, tasty, and relaxing effect. Go for it!



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  • Calm
  • Mintz
  • Original


  • Strain Specific Hemp
  • Grown and hand crafted in Colorado
  • World Class Genetics


No Nicotine


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