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Tobacco & Nicotine Free


Stay Cool With CBD Smokes Mint


The lighter, brighter way to smoke, CBD mint smokes are proudly THC, tobacco and nicotine free. Each pack contains ten individual smokes, with all natural herbal ingredients, including; peppermint and lavender flower. Offering a cool tasting smoke, while helping you cut back on tobacco. So, whether you’re at a Garth Brooks gig, or Post Malone concert, you’ll feel oh so minty cool!

  • Unique filter design for strong air-flow.
  • As we support the efforts of organic practices and strive to provide a superior product. in order to keep up with demand we may include some wild craft/conventional herbs in our blends as well. It’s important our fans have a brand they can trust when it comes to clean & sustainable products they consume. 
  • Third party tested for full transparency and trust.
  • THC, Nicotine & Tobacco Free
  • Non Psychoactive 


Each pack contains 10 individual smokes. Check our ingredient page for the types of herbs we use.  Each flavor has it’s own unique blend.


1 - 5
Great effects, tasty blend.

I love the cbd smokes! They are tasty (red raspberry really stands out). Only thing is, I wish we knew more about the effects on health. I doubt it is that bad, akin to smoking legal marijuana. However, it would be nice to confirm this information. Otherwise, very clear-headed, tasty, and relaxing effect. Go for it!


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1 - 5
Chill to Quit Smoking

My co-workers and I have all quit smoking and chewing tobacco using these products. Feel that overwhelming anxiety from needing nicotine? Use these pouches and experience that overwhelming need melt away.


Product is awesome. Good solution to quit tobacco.

Quick, noticeable and discreet..

The effect is great, better than cbd oik as the MCT(coconut) oil usually upsets my stomach. Not these! Perfect! Would be great if more about health effects was known/listed. Anyways, pouches are great and are probably fine.