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Your Tobacco Alternative the Chill way


Tobacco & Nicotine Free

CBD Chew Pouch Fresh Peach

Just Peachy 

Redefine the way you dip with Fresh Peach Chill pouches.  Say goodbye to spit cups and enjoy a fresh peach taste. Whether you are at the ball game, rodeo or the in-laws these pouches got you covered.  

  • Minimal, all natural ingredients for people that want a product they can trust.
  • Super convenient.  Spit cups are no longer needed.
  • Specific designed pouches for ease of use.
  • Stained teeth?

Each can contains 15 individual pouches with 10mg of CBD Isolate totaling 150mg per can. Main ingredients: Proprietary coconut blend and CBD Isolate. Use 1 to 2 pouches at a time for 20 minutes.  Swoosh pouch around your mouth for a few seconds to refresh the flavor.

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