Introducing Mint and Calm Smokes

Hemp CBD smokes cigarettes to help quit tobacco

Curated with Certified USDA Organic Herbs

Smoking tobacco has become a thing of the past. In fact, new regulations ban flavored tobacco and menthol tobacco. This is because the tobacco includes harmful additives and cancer-causing agents. Ditch the tobacco and smoke something better.

We feature mint and calm smokes that are carefully curated with certified USDA organic herbs. The smokes are non-psychoactive, nicotine-free, and tobacco-free. We utilize USDA organic herbs in our smokes to create a higher quality product. We aim to be a brand that consumers can trust. That’s why each of our products is tested by a third-party, to promote full transparency and trust.

There are many benefits to smoking herbs, rather than tobacco. Herbs do not contain the harmful additives and cancer-causing agents found in tobacco. But, more than that, there are many other benefits as well.

Smoking Cessation

Because herbal smokes are much better than tobacco, they can be used to quit tobacco. In many cases, the herbal smoke can eliminate the urge to smoke tobacco completely. Unfortunately, you will still experience nicotine withdrawal, but herbal smokes can help curb the cravings more quickly.

Herbal smokes could also be used to lessen the amount of tobacco you smoke each day. You could alternate between the two and cut your tobacco consumption in half.

Specific Benefits

Certain herbs offer specific benefits. Oil drops have been used to provide these benefits in the past, but herbal smokes can provide the same benefits more quickly and efficiently.


Mint smokes provide the user with a distinct list of benefits. Physically, mint improves blood circulation while relaxing nerves. Mint also features rejuvenating benefits that impact the mind and body. It also has a few respiratory benefits. It can clear airways and respiratory passageways to allow easier breathing


Lavender is one of the most beneficial herbs. The herb offers calming effects and assists in better sleep. Some researchers even believe that the herb can assist those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Lavender also seems to have anti-inflammatory properties and appears to reduce pain. It is generally used to relieve pain caused by headaches and joint pain associated with inflammation.

Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry smokes are used for a few different purposes. The herb seems to assist in pain relief. Especially due to muscle cramps. Similar to lavender, the herb also promotes rest and relaxation. This is due to the herbs calming effect on the nervous system.

Passion Flower

The benefits of smoking passion flower herbs are similar to the effects of lavender and red raspberry. This herb also provides you with a calming effect. In some cases, passion flower may provide you with a natural high that is non-psychoactive.

Obtaining Rest and Relaxation

Whether you are aiming to quit tobacco, or not, these mint and calm smokes are capable of providing you with much needed rest and relaxation. The smokes are non-psychoactive, nicotine-free, and tobacco-free. Plus, they do not contain the harmful additives found in tobacco. They are a safer alternative to smoking tobacco and are still capable of calming your nerves.