Chewing Tobacco Alternatives

cbd chew pouches tobacco alternative

Do you or does someone you know chew tobacco regularly? Are you looking for ways to stop? As we all know, tobacco contains harsh chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Yet, many people continue to smoke or chew tobacco. But what if there were an alternative to chewing tobacco that was better for your health?

CBD chew pouches may be exactly what you are looking for. At Chill CBD, we offer a variety of CBD chew pouches that are a great alternative to chewing tobacco. If you are thinking of quitting chewing tobacco, but want another option, then check out what Chill CBD has to offer. Continue reading to find out what CBD is, what benefits it has to offer, and why CBD chew pouches are a great alternative to chewing tobacco.

What is CBD?

cbd chew pouchesCBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis, the same plant from which hemp and marijuana come. However, unlike THC (found in marijuana), CBD does not hold psychoactive properties, meaning that it does not result in the same high as THC does.

CBD research is still relatively new, but it is looking promising. CBD has shown to have some beneficial properties and can aid in relaxation, as well as help with chronic pain. CBD continues to be researched, but has some promising outcomes in terms of positive effects on health and wellness.

Why are Chill CBD Chew Pouches a good alternative to chewing tobacco?

Chill CBD products are made with 100% all natural, organic ingredients so you are never ingesting harmful chemicals. Our chew pouches hold no nicotine or tobacco, offering you a healthier alternative, while keeping the same relaxing ritual you have had for as long as you’ve been chewing tobacco.

We strive to create the best and cleanest CBD products out there and our goal is to give you a healthy alternative to tobacco. Because our chew pouches are made to simulate tobacco chew pouches, you can keep the comfort of chewing while losing the unhealthy, harmful chemicals you were ingesting before with tobacco.

What Does The Chillway offer?

Chill CBD has a variety of flavors to choose from, as well as a variety pack so that you can mix things up a bit. The flavors include:

  • Fresh Peach: With all natural ingredients and flavoring, this refreshing, fruity flavor is sure to be a crowd favorite. Say goodbye to a spit cup and hello to fruity goodness!
  • Cool Mint: Many chew pouches are mint flavored, so if you don’t want to give you your favorite flavor, try this all natural cool mint. Sure to taste the same, but leave you feeling much better.
  • Rich Vanilla: This delicious flavor is sure to please! If you are looking for a deliciously sweet flavor to enjoy, try this one!
  • Variety Pack: Can’t choose one? Try all three flavors with our variety pack!

If you are looking for a cleaner, healthier alternative to chewing tobacco, then check out Chill CBD chew pouches. The only thing that is changing is your health when you make the switch!