Alternatives to Chewing Tobacco

A can of cool mint cbd chew pouches.

The nicotine in chewing tobacco can be difficult to quit. With many addictive components, it isn’t easy to just give up. But what if there was an alternative to chewing tobacco that left you just as satisfied, if not more? Well, there’s good news! Chill CBD chew pouches give you the satisfaction of chewing tobacco, without the tobacco!

The Chill Way offers a variety of different flavors for your chewing needs. Not sure what CBD is? Curious to know more about Chill CBD chew pouches? In this article we will look at what CBD is, the benefits it can provide, and the alternatives to chewing tobacco offered by The Chill Way.

What is CBD?

Short for cannabidiol, it is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Though it is a relative of marijuana, CBD does not possess the psychoactive properties that THC does. This means that it does not cause a high like marijuana.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD is still being studied and researched, but so far it shows great potential for the overall general wellness of a person. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can help to manage pain, and it can also help manage anxiety and stress with its relaxation properties. It is being studied for its ability to help with heart health, depression, and even dementia! Again, it is still in the research phase, but has quite a lot of potential in the realm of wellness.

What products does The Chill Way offer?

If you are searching for an alternative to chewing tobacco, then The Chill Way can help. Each of our products contain minimal, all natural ingredients, are THC free, contain no tobacco or nicotine, and will not leave any yellow stains on your teeth. You can also say goodbye to a spit cup, as the specially designed pouch makes chewing extremely convenient so that you can enjoy a chew anywhere! Here are some options that are sure to satisfy your cravings:

  • CBD Chew Pouch Fresh Peach: Looking for a nice, refreshing taste to enjoy? Fresh peach is for you! This flavor is sweet and delicious and is perfect for a sunny afternoon, or any time!
  • CBD Chew Pouch Rich Vanilla: This rich and delicious flavor will leave you fully satisfied. This taste bud thriller is sweet and delectable and is perfect for you if you like full, rich flavors.
  • CBD Chew Pouch Cool Mint: If you like a more refreshing chew, then this one’s for you. These certainly pack a punch and will leave you with a refreshed feeling.
  • Variety Pack: Not sure which one you want to try? Try them all! The variety pack comes with a pack of each pouches so that you can choose a flavor depending on your mood.

Nicotine and other toxic chemicals found in chewing tobacco are very harmful to our bodies. It contains substances such as tar and arsenic that, over time, will build up in the body and can cause cancer and other problems. However, CBD chew pouches can satisfy your craving for a chew without any of the harmful substances contained in chewing tobacco.